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2018 Winter Conference

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Excellence Award Winners
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2016 Geospatial Excellence Award Winners

MAPPS Excellence Award Winners, Heights Magazine


2015 Geospatial Excellence Award Entries and Winners

Grand Award Winner and Category G: Technology Innovation Winner

Teledyne Optech Incorporated 
Multispectral Lidar Sensor: ALTM Titan project

The Optech Titan is the first airborne multispectral lidar sensor in the world. This development was complex in that it involved: 1) acquiring three wavelengths simultaneously; 2) incorporate a metric camera embedded in the system; 3) fit within a 16" gyro-stabilized mount; and 4) increase the depth penetration of the bathymetric sensor. To achieve this, Teledyne Optech had to develop new fiber lasers and a triple wavelength receiver. This development allows the collection of bathymetric lidar, topographic lidar and multi-spectral lidar in one single sensor.




Category B: Photogrammetry/Elevation Data Generation

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument: Headstone Mapping Project

Using lidar, Woolpert located and mapped over 4,320 headstones and 280 battlefield markers. This project was complex in that 3 different gravestones markers were utilized on the site.  Woolpert developed a semi-automated feature extraction technique and a method for delineating the headstone centroid.  This was done using a terrain surface model, normalized surface
model and different shaded relief surfaces


Category C: Remote Sensing 

Aerial Services, Inc.
Race to Now: Maximizing Crop Yields Using Innovations in Remote Sensing

Aerial Services, Inc. teamed with Farm Nutrients to acquire imagery using multiple sensors during the critical growing phases.The end result is a web-based precision agriculture service.  Aerial Services was tasked with acquiring multi-spectral 12" GSD over 1,200 miles and from that produce NDVI over the entire area.  This by itself is not unique.  The complexity was that Aerial Services needed to complete these tasks within 7 days of image acquisition.



Category D: GIS/IT

Merrick & Company
GIS Models Visualize Ancient Flooding Problems

This project was undertaken to reduce the flood risk in the La Mojana Basin in Colombia. Merrick served as the owner’s representative to this project and provided technology transfer and GIS data and training to the companies tasked with providing the data. Merrick introduced the methodology called Monotonicity into the project which guarantees that the acoustic bathymetry, LIDAR and breaklines are correctly integrated. 




Category E: Surveying and Field Data Collection

Protocol for Determining Grass Channel Credits

The Maryland State Highway Administration engages AECOM with the task of identifying roadway ditches to ascertain if they met the Department of the Environment grass channel treatment criteria.  Utilizing GIS, lidar as well as aerial imagery, AECOM was able to identify the channels.  Then utilizing Technical Release 55, Manning's Kinematic Equation and the Maryland stormwater guidelines, AECOM was able to develop appropriate grass channel protocols.


Category F: Small Projects

Bradley Lake Hydro Power Project

TerraSond worked with Global Diving to perform an inspection of the diversion tunnel to the dam and power tunnel inlet.  This inspection had to be performed when the turbines/generators were out of service.  The main task was to identify the quantity of debris that was covering the inlet screen.  This was done in 100' of water with zero visibility.  The dam is located across from Homer, Alaska and presented logistics and access issues that TerraSond was forced to work around. TerraSond was able to compare the debris profile with the as-built blueprints to determine the amount of debris that needed to be removed.



Thank you to our judges:

Robert Burtch  -  Donn Dears  -  Leonard Gilroy  -  Bruce Macleod 

Neil Sandler  -  Doug Domenech